If you care about B2B conversions, stop producing content

Houston, we have a problem. As enterprise focused B2B marketers, we have a problem. We all agree that we want to grow traffic to our website, turn the traffic into leads and convert the leads into customers. Yet, we have all blindly trusted the theory that, producing more content, showing product options, displaying more testimonials, and [...]

Five Steps to a Profitable, Automated Real Estate Marketing Funnel

There was a time when real estate agents had unrivaled power. You were the gatekeeper. You held all the cards when it came to property information, neighborhood advice, and the all-important property listings. If someone had any questions pertaining to property, be it about purchasing, renting or just understanding more about the industry, it was [...]

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What Fiction Can Teach You About An Effective Customer Journey 

How do we grab attention? Does a simplified list of product/service features compel users? Or does an entertaining recounting of a brand’s mission and the difficulties they (and by extension their customers) have overcome draw in more users? Pretty stupid question right? Escaping the drudgery of corporate speak has quickly become a prominent goal for [...]

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The Psychology of Persuasion: 5 Key Things Marketers Forget

You want to make your best case why people should buy your products or services … You also don’t want to come off like an overly aggressive lawyer or door-to-door salesperson. Striking the perfect balance between compelling and not too pushy will shoot your conversions through the roof. But finding that persuasion “sweet spot” can [...]

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7 Devastating Customer Retention Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Over time, some customer attrition is inevitable. Even if you deliver a stellar customer experience at a remarkable value, sometimes people’s needs and tastes change. With that said, accepting a high customer attrition rate makes it much harder to grow year after year and stay ahead of your competitors. Some businesses get so focused on [...]

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