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Our Success is Defined by Objective Customer Results

In the short time we’ve worked with the FunnelEnvy team they’ve helped us improve our testing process and prowess. We’ve increased the number of tests we perform a month by 4x and together we’ve accomplished a >40% lift in conversion.

We’re looking forward to a long, profitable relationship.

– Ryan Blomster, Director Mortgage Sales, Zillow

Account Based Personalization for Optimizely

Optimizely a leading platform for A/B testing and personalization, hired FunnelEnvy to implement an Account Based Personalization campaign on resulting in a triple digit increase in visitor engagement.

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Homepage Conversions Powered by FunnelEnvy

BMI Research, a Fitch Group Company and FunnelEnvy customer, realized a 25% increase in conversions with a single campaign.

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I have worked with hundreds of agencies of all types over my career, and I’ll tell you, that is hard to find. And the few times you find it, you want to keep working with those people.

– Aimen Barma, Global CMO and Head of Product

Over $78k in Monthly Revenue Increase for a Major Media Publisher

A major media site engaged FunnelEnvy to improve pages per session for their fast growing mobile traffic.
Over a three month period, we implemented a conversion program from the ground up. By collecting data, learning about their customers and business we were able to execute on and assess the results of four tests.

The results? Over $78,000 in increased monthly revenue.

Hiring FunnelEnvy was a game changer for us. It opened up possibilities for funnel management that we might never had considered, and our work together is producing great results.

Their team is fantastic to work with and deeply knowledgeable. they are active, strong marketers with even stronger technical skills, who have become a critical part of our team and our success.”
-Andrea Abegglen, VP Marketing, Gigaom

We’re honored to have served incredible customers in diverse industries

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