Real-Time Personalization with Marketo and FunnelEnvy

For many organizations, Marketo serves as the real-time customer database for marketing. Unfortunately, for most organizations today this rich intelligence living in Marketo is not being leveraged to drive personalized user experiences across your site which is one of the most valuable opportunities with this data. The good news is that when it comes to [...]

Facebook and OKCupid Experiments: Ethics, Conversion Testing, and UX Design

The headlines have recently been flooded with the news that Facebook and OKCupid have been conducting experiments on their users in an effort to collect data and improve the overall user experience. Analysts and commentators from the public at large have raised the same concerns: is this ethical? Does running certain types of testing violate [...]

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The Top 20 A/B Testing Case Studies that Every Marketer Should Read

There are numerous ways in which testing, especially A/B testing or the more complex multivariate approach, can be used to help your business. From improving your copy to streamlining your design for the best possible user experience to removing friction from your checkout process, conversion rate optimization can help you improve the bottom line and [...]

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How to Find Profitable A/B Testing Ideas

Understanding the importance of A/B testing is one thing. But knowing what to test and how to pull it off is more complicated. Some businesses jump into A/B testing without ever really knowing where to start. Their tests are basically random, and the insights they gain from them are often more trouble than they’re worth. [...]

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Top 10 Copywriting A/B Tests to Boost Conversions

While it’s true that design plays a large and obvious role in conversion rate optimization, copywriting can deliver similarly huge lifts in conversions. Even the littlest copywriting tweak can drastically improve your conversion rate with far less time and effort than a design tweak. The only way to take advantage of all this potential low-hanging [...]

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The Case for Testing: The Science of Conversion Rate Optimization

Harvard Business School professor Sunil Gupta and co-authors released a paper exploring “Do Display Ads Influence Search: Attribution and Influence in Online Advertising.” The questions driving the study were straightforward. First, do display ads make a difference in moving buyers along the sales funnel? Second, if yes, then how much of a difference do they [...]

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10 Common Objections To A/B Testing And How To Handle Them

A/B testing (and more broadly conversion optimization) is for many online companies the highest Return on Investment (ROI) activity that they can undertake. Yet for all of the reasons to get serious about testing, there seem to be many objections that prevent companies and marketers from getting started. These objections are often hotly debated and [...]

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