About James Niehaus

James ran his first A/B test back in 1999. Since then he has optimized websites, emails, products, support and sales operations, technology, people, teams, strategy, and anything else that can be measured and improved. His speciality is optimizing the intersection of strategy, marketing, product, technology, and data. Today James runs the strategy and services team for FunnelEnvy, a leading platform and agency in the CRO and personalization space. Prior to FunnelEnvy, he has run marketing, product, and analytics programs for a variety of companies, including Ensighten, Symantec, Salesforce, and E-LOAN.

Attributing Campaigns to Sales Opportunities in Marketo

I'm writing this because it's the year 2020 and we're still having trouble attributing onsite campaigns/testing to Marketo MQLs/Opportunities/Revenue. It is meant primarily for technical practitioners as a quick-start guide, and is so simple you'll probably be able to get it hooked up today. As a result, this guide is very tactical in nature, with [...]

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Real-Time Personalization with Segment and FunnelEnvy

Segment is a very popular CDP (customer data platform) that specializes in unifying data sources in real-time across your digital touchpoints and with your ever growing marketing technology stack. Segment is an especially popular choice with product and engineering teams because it can serve as the organization’s centralized hub for data collection, integration, and syndication. [...]

10 Tips for Running Effective Predictive Personalization Campaigns

When it comes to personalization there is a growing trend with using machine learning to predict and optimize for the user experience at a 1:1 level. We call the collective use of these machine learning techniques as predictive personalization campaigns. Predictive personalization refers to a type of campaign where a machine learning model is used [...]

When to A/B Test and When to Use Predictive Bandits

For the majority of marketers, when you talk about CRO and optimization programs, people immediately jump to A/B testing and assume that is the primary tactic and is the only tactic to demonstrate success for their programs and initiatives. While A/B testing is a critical tool in your optimization program it shouldn’t be the only [...]

Real-Time Personalization with Marketo and FunnelEnvy

For many organizations, Marketo serves as the real-time customer database for marketing. Unfortunately, for most organizations today this rich intelligence living in Marketo is not being leveraged to drive personalized user experiences across your site which is one of the most valuable opportunities with this data. The good news is that when it comes to [...]

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Personalizing the Revenue Journey with Segment Data

Accelerate your customers journey to revenue with FunnelEnvy, now powered with Segment. Segment helps their customers instrument, store and unify data about their visitors and the actions they take all the way to revenue. Now with the FunnelEnvy Segment integration you can deliver personalized, 1:1 website experiences and optimize for revenue using all of that [...]

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The Importance of Context with Marketing Experiments

By now most marketers are familiar with the process of experimentation, identify a hypothesis, design a test that splits the population across one or more variants and select a winning variation based on a success metric. This “winner” has a heavy responsibility – we’re assuming that it confers the improvement in revenue and conversion that [...]

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Why B2B Marketers Should Stop A/B Testing

B2B marketers currently face three main challenges with website experimentation as it is currently practiced:    It does not optimize the KPIs that matter well. – Experimentation does not easily accommodate down-funnel outcomes (revenue pipeline, LTV) or the complexity of B2B traffic and customer journey.    It is resource-intensive to do right. – Ensuring that you are [...]

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Optimization Pitfalls to Avoid In 2020

The Activity Trap Sales reps aren’t paid on the number of calls they make, and real estate agents don’t get commission on the number of showings they do. Activity does not equate to outcome, and conflating the two can have really expensive implications. The same story applies to marketers. We seem to spend a lot [...]