The Ultimate Strategies to Improve Lead Quantity and Quality from Your Paid Campaigns

You’re spending too much on traffic for it to bounce.

Throwing more money at the problem isn’t the answer.

You can convert more visitors with more relevant experiences and better data.

We’ll help you execute conversions basics all the way to advanced strategies used by the best performing B2B marketing teams.


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Nail the Fundamentals: Landing Page 101

At FunnelEnvy we’ve been optimizing conversions for 8 years, and we always start with the basics.

  • Dedicated landing pages with a clear value proposition and compelling layout

  • Contextual match between paid campaign and landing page experience

  • Qualitative visitor behavior analysis including heatmaps and session recording

  • A/B testing variations to gather data on alternate hypotheses & treatments

Increase Conversions by 53% by Replacing Traditional Forms with Multistep Experiences

The traditional web form is a dinosaur, from the days of dial up modems and static brochure websites.

More importantly, it’s a huge source of friction for your visitors. All of those fields demanding all sorts of personal information.

It’s the biggest reason people abandon landing pages, but you can do better.

By replacing the traditional form with an interactive, conversational multistep experience we’ve seen an average of 53% improvement in conversions.

Personalize by Target Account, Industry or Company Size.
Even if they’re “anonymous”.

Account Match by FunnelEnvy can identify account details of anonymous visitors by matching IP addresses to our database.

With our real-time data your landing pages can be an extension of your Account Based Marketing Strategy.

  • Personalized landing pages

  • Enhanced analytics with account details

  • Real time insights for the sales team

You can’t feed your team on leads alone. Let’s make sure they convert to revenue.

What good is a lead if it doesn’t convert to MQL / SQL, pipeline or revenue?

Don’t settle for vanity metrics. With the right measurement strategy we’ll make sure those new leads convert all the way down funnel into revenue.

Using multi-touch attribution? No problem – we’ve integrated data with popular off the shelf solutions and custom models.

“With FunnelEnvy we saw an increase in site engagement and new account creations. They’ve helped us earn recognition as an innovator in Account Based Marketing”

Steve Ebin
VP of Growth, Invision

How much longer can you afford to throw away your paid media budget?