Measure and Optimize the Entire B2B Revenue Journey

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Autonomous Campaigns that Optimize 1:1 Experiences for Revenue Instead of Vanity Metrics

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The FunnelEnvy Backstage platform brings together your demand generation data sources and website analytics & experience tools. Unified customer profiles lets you attribute experiences to revenue, target by buyer stage and deliver at scale with AI.

Website Revenue Insights & Attribution

Web analytics are missing large parts of your revenue funnel. Instead of looking at vanity metrics and onsite conversions, understand how much revenue each of your website offers generates, how every buyer stage engages, and how web experiences impact your revenue attribution model.

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Real-Time Targeting by Buyer Intent

Demand generation marketers have to engage diverse audiences over a long customer journey. Successfully converting them to revenue requires delivering the most relevant experience based on their intent. Target your most important account and individual audiences based on firmographic and individual attributes as well as onsite and offline behavior.

Activate experiences anywhere with automated decisions

You’re using multiple tools to engage prospects on your site. Rather than locking you into a single solution we integrate our goals, audiences and experience decisions into the leading testing, personalization, conversational marketing and content management platforms.d

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The Customer Data Platform for Demand Generation

Unified Individual and Account Profiles

FunnelEnvy’s platform unlocks and unifies the lead and customer data sitting in silos. By combining individual and account data from multiple sources – marketing automation, CRM, web analytics, 3rd party sources we build a unified view of your customer and their revenue journey.

Audience, Stage and Propensity Based Segments

Our simple, intuitive audience builder lets you segment customers based on who they are and what they’ve done. Create audiences based on attributes, stages, or goal conversions across the entire Revenue Funnel. Automatically identify who’s most likely to convert on an offer with propensity based audiences.

Seamless Integration into your Martech Stack

FunnelEnvy’s platform is purpose built and for the modern demand generation marketing stack. Out pre built integrations and open APIs let you share Revenue Funnel context everywhere – including tag management, web optimization, content management and conversational marketing platforms.


Manual Experimentation is so 2017

The Old Way

Manual Experimentation

  • Countless hours spent analyzing data

  • Waiting for tests to reach significance

  • Inflexible, tedious, rules-based audiences

  • Positive results that disappear over time

  • Only measuring on-site goals

The New Way

Predictive 1:1 Optimization

  • Machine learning that automates decisions

  • Launch variations as fast as you can

  • 1:1 experience delivery for visitors

  • Real-time predictions that respond to change

  • On-site and down funnel individual and account goals

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Giving your website demand generation superpowers

The Old Way:

  • Measuring web performance by visitors and onsite metrics

  • A/B testing website experiences for Top of Funnel lead conversion

  • Personalizing < 20% of your traffic by firmographics (e.g. industry, company size)

With FunnelEnvy Backstage

  • Measuring website performance based on revenue attribution and buyer stages

  • Testing offers at every buyer stage based on pipeline & revenue impact

  • Personalizing > 90% of your traffic by firmographics, persona and buyer stage

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Powering the Revenue Funnel Optimization Solution

The FunnelEnvy Backstage Platform along with the FunnelEnvy Blueprint and our professional services is the complete Revenue Funnel optimization solution for demand generation marketers.

With it we’ve helped our customers generate an average of 47% more pipeline & revenue in 90 days – guaranteed.

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