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I'm a tech entrepreneur who has been building, measuring and selling consumer and enterprise websites for years. Over the course of my career I've helped companies large and small increase revenue and engage customers as a manager, advisor and consultant.

Understanding the CMOs Data-Driven Decision Delusion

The term cobra effect describes an incentive policy that causes unintended consequences and results in the opposite effect intended. In the 1800s the colonial government of India (as the story goes), becoming increasingly concerned about the population of cobras in Delhi, offered a bounty for every dead cobra brought in. Although it was initially successful, [...]

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A Culture of Optimization Eats Experimentation and Personalization for Breakfast

  As marketers we could learn a lot from ants. They don’t attend conferences, have multi-million dollar budgets or get pitched by the latest AI-based tech vendors. Yet over millennia they’ve figured out a radically efficient solution to an important and complex problem – how best to find food to sustain the colony. This is [...]

The Reason Your B2B Website is No Longer Effective

The 1907 Quakers from the University of Pennsylvania were the juggernauts of college football. Heading into a home field matchup with the Carlisle Indians they had not only won, but dominated their previous seven games by a combined score of 189-10. Their October home game on Franklin field against Carlisle wasn’t expected to be much [...]

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B2B Marketers Should Stop A/B Testing in 2018

  Several years ago I was hired to help fix some serious website conversion issues for a B2B SaaS client. A year earlier the client had redesigned their website pricing page and quickly noticed a significant drop in conversions. They estimated the redesign cost them approximately $100,000 per month. The pricing page itself was quite [...]

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How One Email Marketing Technique Can Help Recover $2.5 Trillion Dollars for Retailers

There’s one trend in email marketing that every marketer and entrepreneur needs to pay attention to: cart abandonment emails or retargeting. While the topic is always relevant, it should be top of mind for retailers moving into holiday marketing mode. Retargeting is a follow-up marketing strategy that goes after the customers who loaded items into [...]

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The Unauthorized Guide to Using Optimizely with Marketo

At FunnelEnvy several of our clients use Marketo. It’s a great solution for marketers to consolidate lead data and automate many of the aspects of marketing campaigns, including nurture campaigns and landing pages. Marketo offers a lot of capability for non-developers, which is probably why it’s seen such rapid adoption especially for lead generation use [...]

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Mobile Path to Purchase Study: Optimizing the Mobile Funnel

Intent to purchase: it is perhaps the least discussed and most important aspect of conversion optimization. Ultimately, you focus on improving your website conversions to attract leads, build better relationships with customers, and most of all make sales. The ability to identify when a customer has a firm intent to purchase gives you a clear [...]

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How KPIs Can Focus Your Conversion Testing

In a recent piece featured by MarketingProfs, Laura Patterson explored the notion of three categories of key performance indicators (KPIs) that determine success in online marketing endeavors: outcome metrics, performance metrics, and process metrics. This is a useful framework for developing an approach to decoding and prioritizing the KPIs that you select for your conversion [...]

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Facebook and OKCupid Experiments: Ethics, Conversion Testing, and UX Design

The headlines have recently been flooded with the news that Facebook and OKCupid have been conducting experiments on their users in an effort to collect data and improve the overall user experience. Analysts and commentators from the public at large have raised the same concerns: is this ethical? Does running certain types of testing violate [...]

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