The Reason Your B2B Website is No Longer Effective

The 1907 Quakers from the University of Pennsylvania were the juggernauts of college football. Heading into a home field matchup with the Carlisle Indians they had not only won, but dominated their previous seven games by a combined score of 189-10. Their October home game on Franklin field against Carlisle wasn’t expected to be much [...]

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How One Email Marketing Technique Can Help Recover $2.5 Trillion Dollars for Retailers

There’s one trend in email marketing that every marketer and entrepreneur needs to pay attention to: cart abandonment emails or retargeting. While the topic is always relevant, it should be top of mind for retailers moving into holiday marketing mode. Retargeting is a follow-up marketing strategy that goes after the customers who loaded items into [...]

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Mobile Path to Purchase Study: Optimizing the Mobile Funnel

Intent to purchase: it is perhaps the least discussed and most important aspect of conversion optimization. Ultimately, you focus on improving your website conversions to attract leads, build better relationships with customers, and most of all make sales. The ability to identify when a customer has a firm intent to purchase gives you a clear [...]

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How to Use Data About B2B Buyer Behavior to Improve Conversions

Unless you’re selling low-ticket items that cater to impulse buyers, most of your visitors won’t buy from you immediately after visiting your website. Smart marketers create sales funnels to turn visitors into leads and nurture those leads into buyers. They encourage visitors to join email lists, request price quotes, or schedule product demos. Those initial [...]

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5 Suggestions for an About Page that Converts

One of the most important areas for your prospective customers is the About Page. By optimizing this space on your website, you can generate engagement and establish a relationship with potential customers. You’re giving visitors a taste of your skills and credentials while telling potential customers what you can do for them. As easy as [...]

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3 Optimization Tips for Increasing Your Average Order Value

There’s a pervasive myth in the conversion optimization world: that it’s only about increasing the percentage of visitors that convert to customers. It’s true that we spend a lot of time looking at that rate and finding ways to improve it. By removing roadblocks and friction to conversions on your website, you’ll ultimately see your [...]

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