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Over a Decade of Funnel Optimization and Growth Engineering Success

Founded in 2013, FunnelEnvy began as a premier website conversion rate optimization agency, partnering with global consumer brands and significantly boosting their multimillion-dollar revenue growth. However, our transformative journey truly began when we shifted our focus exclusively to B2B companies, recognizing the unique complexities of B2B buyer journeys
compared to B2C funnels.

This pivotal decision inspired our team of growth engineers and data enthusiasts to specialize in lead generation, demand generation, and SaaS through Revenue Funnel Optimization. As a result, we streamlined our offerings, emphasizing a dedicated focus on B2B while integrating attribution and automation into our services.

Today, we continue to evolve, committed to delivering specialized solutions tailored specifically to the intricate needs of our diverse B2B clientele

Meet the team

Arun Sivashankaran
Arun SivashankaranFounder & CEO
  • Decades of software and growth systems design and implementation
  • Supporting our team & clients with architecture & strategy
  • Father of two and outdoor enthusiast
David Janczyn
David JanczynDirector of Success
  • 9+ years in growth and optimization
  • Solving strategic challenges to making our customers successful
  • Team dog and avid traveler
Lily Kambourova
Lily KambourovaStrategy Lead
  • 8+ years of experience optimizing websites and translating statistics to humans
  • Teaming up with engineering to close the gap between ideation and execution
  • Fitness junkie and mom of three
Sam Baron
Sam BaronTechnical Project Manager
  • 10+ years of experience in engineering, management, and digital marketing
  • Making complex client needs understandable & doable from beginning to end
  • Enjoys swinging my toddler and kettlebells, but not at the same time
Connor O'Brien
Connor O'BrienEngineering Lead
  • 9+ years of experience in web development
  • Spearheads development of code-based solutions and addresses complex challenges head-on
  • Cat lover
Donika Aksieva
Donika AksievaAnalytics Lead
  • 10+ years of experience from balancing books to optimizing websites bringing analytics wizardry to the table
  • Translating numbers into valuable insight to help businesses make informed decisions
  • A fierce dog lover
Jason Wilson
Jason WilsonEngineer
  • 25+ years of Full Stack Developer expertise
  • Refining A/B testing and website UI improvements to get real results for our clients
  • 15 years of Dad Jokes and learning from the next generation
Arafat Islam
Arafat IslamEngineer
  • Self-taught front-end developer with 4+ years dedicated to A/B test development
  • Continuously enhancing skills & leveraging development expertise to improve UX and maximize conversions
  • Loves traveling and experiencing diverse cultures
Bilyana Yordanova
Bilyana YordanovaQA Lead
  • 3+ years of experience and a degree in journalism, now uncovering bugs instead of stories
  • Committed to delivering flawless experiments for our clients
  • Has a passion for painting
James Praise
James PraiseMarketing Project Manager
  • 6+ years of experience in leading marketing initiatives
  • Develops strategies to expand customer reach and align marketing efforts with their needs
  • Enjoys playing the piano and cooking

Our Values


    At the core of our values is a relentless pursuit of innovation. We believe in pushing boundaries, embracing change, and constantly seeking new and better ways to serve our clients. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond products and services. It’s about continually improving how we work, collaborate, and deliver value.


    We genuinely care about what our clients need and want to achieve. We are not here to throw solutions at them but to build something together. We listen, we adapt, and we evolve. We are more than just a service provider – we are their partners, cheering them on every step of the way.


    A team that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are stronger together and we value the unique perspectives each team member brings. We are dedicated to mutual growth, actively supporting one another in continual improvement, both as individuals and as a cohesive team.