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Optimization Pitfalls to Avoid In 2020

The Activity Trap Sales reps aren’t paid on the number of calls they make, and real estate agents don’t get commission on the number of showings they do. Activity does not equate to outcome, and conflating the two can have really expensive implications. The same story applies to marketers. We seem to spend a lot [...]

Understanding the CMOs Data-Driven Decision Delusion

The term cobra effect describes an incentive policy that causes unintended consequences and results in the opposite effect intended. In the 1800s the colonial government of India (as the story goes), becoming increasingly concerned about the population of cobras in Delhi, offered a bounty for every dead cobra brought in. Although it was initially successful, [...]

By |2018-10-20T22:54:43-07:00September 24th, 2018|Digital Marketing, Strategy, B2B|0 Comments

A Culture of Optimization Eats Experimentation and Personalization for Breakfast

  As marketers we could learn a lot from ants. They don’t attend conferences, have multi-million dollar budgets or get pitched by the latest AI-based tech vendors. Yet over millennia they’ve figured out a radically efficient solution to an important and complex problem – how best to find food to sustain the colony. This is [...]

The Reason Your B2B Website is No Longer Effective

The 1907 Quakers from the University of Pennsylvania were the juggernauts of college football. Heading into a home field matchup with the Carlisle Indians they had not only won, but dominated their previous seven games by a combined score of 189-10. Their October home game on Franklin field against Carlisle wasn’t expected to be much [...]

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What You Need to Know About Omni Channel Marketing

Once upon a time the customer journey was simple. Consumers would see an advertisement, head into a brick and mortar store and buy the product. Simple and effective. But times change. Technology’s developed, and customer expectations and behaviors have evolved. The modern customer journey is anything but simple. Customers now average five different devices in [...]

By |2015-12-14T16:09:01-08:00December 15th, 2015|Strategy|0 Comments

Credible Websites: 10 Factors Backed by Science

Your website loads fast, looks great, and is packed full of content … But is it credible? A lot of businesses overlook this question. They trust the quality of their products and services will shine through. Or they’re more concerned with generating more traffic than delivering a quality user experience. Credibility can seem like a [...]

By |2015-11-09T16:02:22-08:00November 12th, 2015|Strategy|0 Comments

Upselling: 5 Key Principles That Make It Work

When a business is just getting started, paying to acquire new leads and customers is standard procedure. It’s an effective way to cut through the noise and rack up fast results—even without a million-dollar marketing budget or worldwide brand recognition. But what happens when it’s time to take things to the next level and scale [...]

By |2015-03-16T16:20:27-07:00March 17th, 2015|Strategy|0 Comments

A Beginner’s Guide to Call Tracking (and How It Can Grow Your Business)

As the digital world continues to evolve, there’s still a desire for authentic human connection. It doesn’t matter if it’s friendships, romantic relationships, or in business. Sometimes people just want to hear your voice instead of firing off an email. Especially if they’re thinking about giving you money. Smart marketers continue to rely on the [...]

By |2015-06-02T11:27:43-07:00March 3rd, 2015|Strategy|4 Comments

Want to Keep People Happy, Engaged, and Spending? Try These Customer Retention Strategies

Would you rather pay $7 for a pack of chewing gum… or $1? That wasn’t a trick question. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are getting the answer wrong. They’re paying too much—magnitudes more than they should be—for something they could’ve gotten for much cheaper. They’re getting ripped off. These businesses are the ones bending over [...]

By |2015-02-04T17:08:31-08:00February 10th, 2015|Strategy|0 Comments
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