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Corey Pemberton is a copywriter and marketer who helps businesses get more traffic and conversions online. He loves travel, fitness, live music, and anything and everything outdoors. You can find him on his website or follow him on Twitter.

5 Drip Campaign Strategies You Can Try Today

Incorporating a drip campaign into your email marketing can help you nurture leads and deliver a better customer experience – all from the convenience of an automated platform. Setting up a campaign for the first time takes a bit of effort, but it’s pretty straightforward. Ultimately, learning how to do this is just the first [...]

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The Case for Heat Maps

It can be overwhelming, can’t it? When you do business online, there’s a sea of data at your fingertips. Swimming into it is easier now than it’s ever been before. But maybe you feel like you’re in over your head. All that data is nice… But what do you do with it? Where can you [...]

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9 Call Tracking Case Studies You Need to Read

Even with all of today’s new technologies and marketing tools, the telephone continues to play a huge role in lead generation and conversion. BIA Kelsey reported that 66% of sales managers view the telephone as their highest-quality lead source. And closing sales over the phone only becomes even more important if you’re selling expensive, complicated [...]

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10 Landing Page Best Practices You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Landing pages can be like well-engineered bridges that help people cross the chasm between “first-time visitor” and “buyer.” Or they can be colossal wastes of time and money. Ineffective landing pages are a dime a dozen. They strain budgets by eating up limited marketing funds. And they squander opportunities to make memorable impressions on users. [...]

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How to Develop (and Optimize) a Profitable SaaS Pricing Strategy

When you’re running a SaaS business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are mountains of critical issues to deal with. Everything from improving the software and delivering a high quality customer experience, to reducing churn and making payroll every month. Unfortunately, sometimes these demands drive SaaS businesses to overlook a crucial factor for their success: [...]

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5 Costly Email Autoresponder Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Frustrating, isn’t it? You poured countless hours into coming up with the perfect email series, loading it in your email software, and dripping it out to your subscribers. But where’s the engagement? Where are the sales and customers? For many businesses, automated email marketing doesn’t live up to the hype. It isn’t for a lack [...]

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Upselling: 5 Key Principles That Make It Work

When a business is just getting started, paying to acquire new leads and customers is standard procedure. It’s an effective way to cut through the noise and rack up fast results—even without a million-dollar marketing budget or worldwide brand recognition. But what happens when it’s time to take things to the next level and scale [...]

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How to Build an Online Lead Generation System from Scratch

Getting a visitor’s attention, impressing them with what you have to say, and convincing them to open their wallets right away is a tall order to ask from even the best-designed website. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of pressure most businesses are putting on their websites. Without an effective online lead generation system in place, many [...]

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