We often run into marketers and technologists on the web who aren’t ready for a long term Conversion Rate Optimization project, but need a little quick help with their UX, Analytics, or A/B Testing. For that very reason I’m very excited to be featured as a CRO expert on AirPair.

For those unfamiliar with the company, AirPair is a really cool San Francisco startup which helps pair anyone with technology experts for one-on-one coaching and consultation via video chat and screen sharing. It’s an online version of a tactic with roots in agile software development known as pair-programming. The concept of pair programming is that two developers work side by side on a problem, one actually writing the code while the other reviews and assists. Perhaps counterintuitively in many cases this approach actually increases overall productivity since there’s an immediate feedback loop on bugs (most software development time is spent debugging code) as well as a continuous peer learning process.

I feel strongly that the same concept can be applied to many of the day-to-day online marketing tasks that we all face, which is why I was very excited when Maksim Ioffe (AirPair co-founder) extended an invitation to join their network. We’re all working on very similar problems, and if I can help share any of the knowledge that I’ve gained towards helping with your CRO efforts please find me on AirPair.

And of course if you’re looking help with anything else technology related check out the AirPair blog.