Predictive Revenue Optimization

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Increase down-funnel Conversions.

With Personalized Experiences for every visitor and their funnel stage.

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Reduce Resource Constraints

By letting AI analyze and iterate on tests to determine who sees what.

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Save Time

By eliminating the need to wait for tests to reach significance

How Predictive Optimization Works

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With FunnelEnvy predictive decisions, we optimize your website from first visit and appropriately allocate traffic according to conversion goals.

Set up experiments and let our AI determine the experiences that drive conversions on a 1:1 basis. There are no predefined segments to be set up, as our predictive engine continuously iterates on the optimal customer experiences.

Intelligent Experimentation

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While a test could start out with even allocation, FunnelEnvy combines first-party, third party and behavioral data into a Unified Customer Profile (UCP) to establish context for every visitor. Predictive Revenue Optimization uses this context and historical outcomes to determine the optimal experience on an individual (1:1) basis.

Once a prediction is made, we observe what happens onsite as well as down funnel to continuously train the model with new outcomes. The predictive decision engine is therefore continuously learning with each experience – much faster than A/B testing and with significantly less effort.