Customer Data Platform

By unifying data sources into FunnelEnvy’s customer data platform (CDP), our predictive model has the context to deliver optimized experiences that drive revenue.

Push Data Anywhere

Increase the value of external marketing tools like Adroll and Drift by leveraging CDP data. Additionally, push customer data to reporting tools and external systems to track attribution and campaign optimization.

CDP Data Sources

Behavioral data

Automatically track customer interactions such as pages visited and engaged content. Behavioral data is processed to dynamically produce 1:1 experiences in real-time that align with a customer’s true intent and position within the buyers funnel.

First Party Integrations

First Part Integrations such as SalesForce or Marketo allow marketers to have more contextual data into what content and experiment variations customers will find most relevant. Directly utilize the integrations to create audiences and better inform the predictive optimization model.

Third Party Data

FunnelEnvy’s API can pull in relevant third party data sources to supplement the unified customer profile. With reverse IP lookup tools, marketers can bring invaluable account level data such as industry, Alexa rank, or company size.