5 Strategies for Optimizing Your Customer Journey

Every business-to-business (B2B) company owner knows that digital marketing evolves rapidly. While client acquisition was once the most critical part of the funnel, the customer journey now takes top billing. A fully optimized customer journey does more than just generate a sale. It has the power to turn a B2B customer into a repeat client [...]

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Incorporating Account-Based Personalization Into Your Marketing Strategy

Casting a wide net in search of business-to-business (B2B) customers isn’t the right strategy for every company. Rather than spending resources on a larger market, find out why a personalized approach that targets specific accounts could better help your business achieve its sales goals. If you've never used account-based marketing (ABM) before, there's never [...]

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How to Conduct Holiday Conversion Optimization Testing Without Losing Sales

‘Tis the season for the holidays, consumer spending, and major ecommerce traffic increases. Over the next several weeks, the National Retail Federation estimates consumers will spend a staggering $655.8 billion, or just over $935 per person on gifts, services, and other holiday expenses. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other winter holidays will [...]

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4 Tips for an Effective B2B Social Media Campaign

B2B marketing is undergoing huge changes. Thanks to the developments in marketing technology B2B strategies have had to adapt to evolving purchaser desires. The traditional approach to B2B marketing is, if we’re being honest, dry and dull. It’s always aimed at the professional, who apparently is a very boring person. There seems to be an [...]

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How to Measure and Improve Customer Satisfaction

How satisfied are your customers? In our efforts to increase conversions and revenue, we often overlook questions like this. We’ll instead focus on landing page optimization, look at conversion rates and roll out split tests on our email campaigns. There’s this implicit belief that the only real metric that contributes to revenue increase is conversion [...]

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Five Steps to a Profitable, Automated Real Estate Marketing Funnel

There was a time when real estate agents had unrivaled power. You were the gatekeeper. You held all the cards when it came to property information, neighborhood advice, and the all-important property listings. If someone had any questions pertaining to property, be it about purchasing, renting or just understanding more about the industry, it was [...]

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