Accelerate your customers journey to revenue with FunnelEnvy, now powered with Segment.

Segment helps their customers instrument, store and unify data about their visitors and the actions they take all the way to revenue. Now with the FunnelEnvy Segment integration you can deliver personalized, 1:1 website experiences and optimize for revenue using all of that rich customer data that you’re already collecting in Segment.

What does this mean? Segment customers will be able to run more effective campaigns using better data with less custom code required.

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Segment Captures all of your Important Customer Data throughout their Journey

Marketing and product teams already know that understanding their customers and how they’re engaging through the digital experience is essential to building better experiences, removing friction and increasing revenue. This often involves a litany of analytics tools, as well as a small army of engineers and analysts to instrument and manage them.

Segment solves this problem. With one consistent API Segment allows a growth team to instrument the most important behaviors and attributes about their customers once, and send it to a variety of destinations. Just as importantly it gives these teams a consistent, structured representation of their customer data all the way from first impression all the way to revenue.

Faster and Better Experiences for your Customers

FunnelEnvy Predictive Revenue Optimization (PRO) uses data to personalize individual customer journeys at scale and optimize them for revenue. Since Segment already has that data in a unified format it’s a natural fit to power our campaigns. 

With our Segment integration customers can:

  • Integrate Segment attributes and traits with our Unified Customer Profile
  • Use Segment data to power predictive campaigns
  • Create audiences from Segment traits and behavioral events for more effective targeting
  • Trigger goal conversions across the revenue journey using Segment events
  • Send activated campaign & variation data to Segment

Customers who have already implemented Segment can do all of this without custom code.

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