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4 Tips for an Effective B2B Social Media Campaign

B2B marketing is undergoing huge changes. Thanks to the developments in marketing technology B2B strategies have had to adapt to evolving purchaser desires. The traditional approach to B2B marketing is, if we’re being honest, dry [...]

How to Measure and Improve Customer Satisfaction

How satisfied are your customers? In our efforts to increase conversions and revenue, we often overlook questions like this. We’ll instead focus on landing page optimization, look at conversion rates and roll out split tests [...]

The New World of B2B Marketing: What It Means for You

It’s easy to see B2B and B2C marketing as completely different animals. After all, that’s how their customers have behaved over the years. The common thinking: it’s easier to sway B2C customers with media, ads, [...]

5 Simple Steps to Product Descriptions that Rock!

Online shopping’s pretty awesome, right? No need to traipse around a store, carry heavy bags or navigate the multitude of other shoppers desperate for a deal. It is simple, easy and straightforward. But there’s a [...]

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