Data-Driven Experiences Without the Manual Decision Burden

FunnelEnvy PRO automates customer experience decisions, eliminates guesswork and frees you up to focus on the things that matter.

  • Optimize Down Funnel – Don’t settle for vanity metrics. We’ll maximize Pipeline and Revenue.
  • 1:1 Experiences at Scale – Real-time predictive decisions for each individual based on their context.
  • Reclaim your time – Get back to real marketing. 

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5 Game Changing B2B Website Experiences

With FunnelEnvy PRO you can deliver amazing experiences that legacy tools can’t match. We’ve compiled the 5 most powerful examples for B2B websites to get your creative juices flowing.

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Imagine what we could do at…

Is our Decision Fatigue leading us to perform
Random Acts of Marketing?

Analytics, experiments, segments, attribution – every tool out there just compounds the number of decisions we have to make. Marketing “automation” has automated processes, but we’re still making manual decisions.

And with less time to make them, at what point are we just guessing? Isn’t that the opposite of what you’ve invested in?

It’s time for automated process and automated decisions. It’s time for Autonomous Marketing.

Manual Optimization

  • Countless hours spent analyzing data

  • Waiting for tests to reach significance

  • Inflexible, tedious, rules-based segments

  • Positive results that disappear over time

  • Only measuring on-site goals

FunnelEnvy PRO

  • Machine learning that automates decisions

  • Launch variations as fast as you can

  • 1:1 experience delivery for visitors

  • Real-time predictions that respond to change

  • On-site and down funnel individual and account goals

“With FunnelEnvy we saw an increase in site engagement and new account creations. They’ve helped us earn recognition as an innovator in Account Based Marketing”

Steve Ebin, VP of Growth, InVision

Data + Predictions + ML. Better Results with Less Work.

Be the Revenue Generating Hero

What does it mean for our business? Conversion rates have gone up more than double since we’ve been using FunnelEnvy’s technology. We’re driving more leads into Salesforce than we ever have before.

Jon Ewing, Chief Marketing Officer, Fitch Group

Hiring FunnelEnvy was a game changer for us. It opened up possibilities for personalized experiences that we might never had considered, and our work together is producing great results.

Andrea Abegglen, VP, Marketing

Let’s deliver more valuable experiences to your customers

  • Increase target account and lead engagement.
  • Accelerate your current testing velocity and results.
  • Expand and renew existing customers.
  • Highlight products & plans that are most relevant to each customer.