The 7 Day Enterprise B2B Personalization Video Course

Learn how to use Account Based Marketing & website personalization to deliver better leads and grow pipeline

Creating an ROI positive, scalable personalization program can be hard. In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Find the most valuable opportunities and determine the ROI of personalization
  • Optimize for your most important down funnel KPIs (qualified leads, pipeline and revenue)
  • Solve the data management and data activation challenges for personalization

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Everything You Need to Learn for an Effective Personalization Strategy

Day 1

Personalization Opportunities

What can I personalize?

From the low hanging fruit to advanced examples, we’ll walk through the opportunities to drive more effective customer experiences.

Day 2

Personalization ROI

Quantify the Opportunity

We’ll walk through the financial & marketing model to help you determine if personalization makes sense for you.

Day 3

Optimizing Conversions

Moving the Needle

You’re not being evaluated on form fills. Learn how to affect the KPIs that matter to your team.

Day 4

Data Activation

Personalization is Data Activation

You’re not going to be able to personalize without a solid data activation strategy. We’ll review the important concepts here.

Day 5

Addressable Traffic

Target More Visitors

Learn how to effectively identify and address more of your traffic, including the anonymous visitors.

Day 6

Enterprise Data

Leverage Existing Sources

Your CRM and Marketing Automation platforms have a lot of information about your customers. Use this data for more effective campaigns.

Day 7

Personalization Insights

Measurement & Analysis

Target the most effective segments and opportunities with better reporting, analysis and AI driven insights.

What could you do with Personalization?

  • Upsell and renew existing customers with personalized experiences, retargeting and chat
  • Increase MQL, SAL and SQL conversion rates with targeted content
  • Show pricing plans targeted at industry, expansion products or customer size

About the Instructor

Arun Sivashankaran is the Founder at FunnelEnvy. He’s fortunate to lead a great team that improves conversion rates for some of the largest online brands with data, optimization, experimentation and personalization.

Since 2014 FunnelEnvy has helped marketers deliver more valuable customer experiences with data through technology and professional services.

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