FunnelEnvy + Drift

FunnelEnvy optimizes Drift’s chatbot for revenue by using AI to dynamically deliver 1:1 customer chat experiences.

Why Predictive + Chat?

Every customer entering a chatbot conversation is unique: there are different accounts, buyer stage, intent, and much more. Yet, chatbots don’t allow marketers to incorporate these data points to deliver revenue optimized chat experiences.

Marketers are either asking customers to answer a battery of questions, or just delivering a single experience and hoping it connects. Both are sub-optimal!

Instead of showing generic conversation flows, FunnelEnvy’s AI uses contextual data about your visitors and customers to deliver 1:1 playbook experiences that are most likely to drive revenue.

As with all marketing, the more personalized and contextually relevant experience, the better your chances of driving conversions and ultimately revenue. With FunnelEnvy + Drift, we do just that.

How it works

1: Set up playbooks

Using Drift, create your campaign variations (playbooks). Don’t worry about audiences, as FunnelEnvy will decide on a 1:1 basis which variation to serve.

2: Create a Drift Campaign within FunnelEnvy.

Within FunnelEnvy, simply turn on the Drift Integration option. It’s that simple!

3: Real Time Playbook delivery

In real time, Funnelenvy will use data sources ( historical, 1st party, 3rd party, behavioral, etc…) to pick which Playbook is most optimal to convert a visitor into revenue.

Looking to start generating more revenue through Drift? Contact FunnelEnvy today!