Expert GA4 Setup & Optimization for Growth Marketers

Maximize ROI with Full Funnel Analytics

Help your team measure and attribute revenue across the entire customer journey. Get rid of data silos by fully integrating your funnel with Google Analytics 4, including CRM & other data sources.

Over a Decade of Funnel Optimization and Growth Engineering

“Thanks to FunnelEnvy’s carefully crafted strategy, we have a level of alignment throughout the company that I’m really excited about.”


Growth Marketing Manager,

“Thanks to FunnelEnvy’s carefully crafted strategy, we have a level of alignment throughout the company that I’m really excited about.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “We feel like we’re missing crucial information that can help us grow”

You want consolidated reporting of your entire revenue funnel, including offline events & transactions.  This requires a shift in thinking by moving away from onsite vanity metrics like form submissions towards a complete understanding of how much revenue each of your website offers generates, and how every buyer stage engages.

  • “We can’t attribute revenue to our acquisition channels”

You are currently optimizing your paid spend towards form fills and using historical qualification rates to provide a naïve revenue attribution.  Integrate your CRM data into Google Analytics so you can begin optimizing towards the only thing that matters – actual revenue.

  • “We’re struggling to grasp Google Analytics 4 and our internal tech team lacks the bandwidth to help us”

You’ve installed GA4 but are still used to Universal Analytics concepts.  You want to better understand GA4 nuances and how it fits into your overall data ecosystem.

  • “We’re not sure how all the different pieces fit”

Users identification. Multiple Devices. Data Engineering into BigQuery. You have an idea (or may know) your ideal end goal but need guidance as your internal engineering team doesn’t have the time or resources to help you.

How We Do It

Step 1

Blueprint Audit

Step 2


Step 3


Step 1: Blueprint Audit

Our process begins with an in-depth audit of your existing data infrastructure.  We’ll develop a tailored project plan that will not only resolve your current data challenges, but also ensure that the systems are scalable and adaptable to your future needs.

By the end of this process you will have:

  • Guidance for how to properly structure your data
  • An assessment of existing data infrastructure relative to other high growth companies
  • Project plan unique to your business needs, based on a proven scalable foundation

Step 2: Implementation

Once the audit and project plan is delivered you will have the option to continue working with our experienced data engineering team, or to implement the plan yourself.  Let us accelerate your data transformation process, enabling your business to benefit from insightful data sooner.

By the end of this process you will have:

  • Full funnel reporting and attribution enabled across online and offline transaction
  • The ability to optimize paid spend towards offline transactions (IE: SQLs, Revenue)
  • Data Visualization
  • Dashboarding
  • Tooling

Step 3: Optimization

After the initial implementation, our work doesn’t stop.  We provide full-service website optimization to ensure the new data system is delivering the best value for your business.  Leverage our experience to grow faster

During this process you will receive:

  • Strategy, program structure and ROI analysis aligned with your business goals
  • High-velocity technical delivery with minimal impact on your developers

Take it one step at a time. Each step gives you more clarity and idea of how to get the most out your data, whether with us or other people/vendors.

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