FunnelEnvy Platform

Bring Sales data to your entire digital pipeline

  • Integrate Analytics – See Target Accounts, Leads, and Customers in your existing Google Analytics views. Track the full funnel, including offline conversions.

  • Take Action – Run a personalization campaign to turn Leads into Opportunities. Launch an A/B test to optimize upsells for existing customers only, anywhere on your site.

  • Connect Your Stack – Using Drift? Intercom? Optimizely? Adobe Test & Target? Leverage Sales CRM data in any frontend tool on your site.

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Eliminate blind spots in your digital strategy

Target accounts, lead score and status, firmographic data – all your most valuable marketing intelligence lives in the CRM.

So why aren’t you leveraging that data in your Google Analytics reporting? Or personalization campaigns? Or your A/B testing platform?

The FunnelEnvy Platform unifies your Accounts, Lists, and Smart Lists with the client side tools that make your website convert.

See your most valuable visitors in Google Analytics

In just minutes, start sending custom data to Google Analytics.

Want to know what content your target accounts prefer? Done.

Need to know how lead score predicts time on site? You got it.

Match calls to action with lead status

Still asking current customers to sign up?

Or offering your visitors a white paper they’ve already downloaded.

Stop! The FunnelEnvy Platform gives you the targeting you need to offer relevant content and calls to action, no matter where a visitor is in the pipeline.

Make conversational marketing more relevant

Use the FunnelEnvy Platform to trigger a customized Drift playbook.

Let priority accounts jump the line to speak with a human. Tailor your messaging by industry or lead score.

Explore endless possibilities

The FunnelEnvy Platform integrates seamlessly with Google Tag Manager.

Meaning you can trigger, and customize, just about any client side tool you’re using.

Chat, analytics, A/B testing, session recordings, and heat maps. If your team’s using it, give them the power to integrate it with your CRM data.

The FunnelEnvy Platform integrates your most valuable data with your most powerful marketing tools.