The Mobile Market is On the Rise! Here’s How to Increase Your Mobile Conversions

How many of your friends own a cell phone?

All of them, right?

Now, how often do they use their phone?

All of the time? I thought as much.

Smartphone and tablet use has exploded in recent years. The mobile industry is worth billions of dollars and has helped build some of the worlds largest brands. However, despite its global domination, mobile is an area many marketers overlook.

Peruse any website that offers advice on conversion optimization and there’s comparatively little information on how to optimize for mobile. You’ll find vast amounts of advice on landing pages, CTAs and copywriting hacks, but will likely struggle to find content that pertains specifically to mobile devices.  (more…)

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The Trouble with Attribution Models: Multi-device Realities and Conversion

One of the hottest topics in our industry and at a recent panel at SMX West is the reality of multi-device or multi-channel attribution and its impact on conversion optimization. If a user enters your funnel on one device and then picks up the process on another device, what does that do to your CRO efforts? It raises questions around managing the customer experiences, determining when and where cross-platform optimization is appropriate, and what if any impact this evolving reality has on our ability to measure and maximize conversions. Here’s a closer look at multi-device attribution and some preliminary thoughts on how you can work with this in your own efforts to increase conversions in your business.


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How to Increase Mobile Website Conversions

You’ve seen the numbers. Mobile browsing is growing at a breathtaking rate and over 1.2 billion people regularly access the web from their mobile devices instead of desktop machines. These numbers mean that you can’t afford to lose such a large potential visitor base due to lagging tech adaptation.

And if you’ve developed a mobile friendly version of your site or are using responsive design, your fundamental goal as an online business will be the same: to maximize your conversion rates. They are at least as important as high traffic numbers and a well optimized conversion rate can make even a site with low numbers of incoming visits into a powerful sales system.

Let’s take a look at some steps you can take to make sure that as many as possible of the people who visit your site from their mobile phones turn into active fans and buyers.


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How Responsive Design Can Boost Mobile Conversions

Do you have a mobile problem?

Maybe you’re getting plenty of mobile traffic, but a look at your analytics shows low time-on-page and high bounce/exit rates from mobile users.

Or maybe your mobile traffic sticks around, but conversion rate is abysmally low–and you’re not sure why.

With the mobile market growing at an astounding rate, what might look like a small problem at first can quickly snowball into something much worse. On the flipside, if you can address a mobile problem while it’s still small, the payoff can grow exponentially too.


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