How to Create an Unforgettable Landing Page By Using the Psychology of Memory

Your landing pages are worth bank vaults of cash. Think about it. You can potentially bring in buckets of money through just landing pages.

Ah, but wait.

(This is where I bring in a unique twist about something that you forgot.)

But, there could be some things getting in the way. Awesome as landing pages are, they don’t work automatically. You, as a marketer, must carefully craft those landing pages in such a way that they capture a customer’s attention, engage the customer’s interest, end result in a conversion.

Within that mix of technique and skill, there is the huge factor of human psychology — the fascinating field of neuroeconomics. In this article, I want to go below the surface of conversion optimization and explain one of these hidden factors of psychology that can completely change the way a landing page looks, feels, functions.

It has to do with memory. And it could bring in gobs of money.