Goodbye A/B Testing.
Hello Automated Growth.

Predictive 1:1 Experiences for B2B SaaS

Having launched thousands of website experiments, we’ve learned that current testing and personalization tools leaves a lot to be desired for B2B

So we built an AI-based platform to solve it:

  • Down Funnel Goals – Optimize the metrics that matter – MQLs, SQLs, opportunities and revenue. 

  • 1:1 Experiences – Deliver the best experience for each individual instead of making inaccurate generalizations.

  • Fully Automated – Machine learning lets you get fasterbetter results with less effort.

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“FunnelEnvy’s personalization platform has had a tremendous impact on our marketing influenced revenue. They’re an essential part of our ABM approach. ”

– Steve Ebin, Head of Online Marketing, Optimizely

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What could you do with better Data Activation?

  • Upsell and renew existing customers with personalized experiences, retargeting and chat
  • Increase MQL, SAL and SQL conversion rates with targeted content
  • Show pricing plans targeted at industry, expansion products or customer size
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