Personalize & Target Your A/B Tests with Marketo Data

Optimizely Integration for Marketo

Create custom Optimizely audiences from Marketo lead attributes and automatically add visitors to these audiences in real-time. No coding required.

  • Manage custom audiences
  • Add classification rules
  • Personalized & targeted experiments
  • Detailed analytics

FunnelEnvy's Optimizely Integration for Marketo connects your Optimizely platform to your Marketo marketing automation account, allowing you to personalize experiments on any web property with Marketo attributes to increase conversions.

With our integration, you can set up custom audiences for Optimizely and classification rules for these audiences based on lead attributes. Visitors who come to any Optimizely experiment will be automatically added to the custom audience if they meet the classification criteria.

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FunnelEnvy lets marketers unlock user and account data, build audiences with that data, and use those audiences to deliver personalized campaigns with leading marketing platforms.

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