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Since 2013, the world’s biggest companies including Disney, L’Oreal, and Zillow all continually use Funnel Envy for our deep expertise in conversion rate and customer journey optimization. Given our narrow focus, we have the technical horsepower to complete 100’s of daily tests, and strategic approach to drive quantifiable results.

“The FunnelEnvy team they’ve helped us improve our testing process and prowess. We’ve increased the number of tests we perform a month by 4x and together we’ve accomplished a >40% lift in conversion. We’re looking forward to a long, profitable relationship.”

– Ryan Blomster, Director Mortgage Sales, Zillow

What Makes Us Different?

Marketing with an Engineering Mindset

At FunnelEnvy, we are marketers who use data and technology can be used to unlock answers about customers. We are obsessed with the customer journey through the purchase funnel, and believe that it needs to be at the center of all marketing departments.

When we are running tests for our clients, the focus is always on helping them increase conversions. While some agencies focus on glitzy designs, we simply focus on smart testing to lead to a quantifiable outcome. Additionally, the software and tools we build are similarly created to further help you connect with your customers at the most effective times.

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Our Partners

We work with a variety of optimization solutions including Optimizely, Qubit, and Adobe Test & Target.

In fact, we were one of the first Optimizely 3 star solutions partner, awarded to only the most trusted agencies. Optimizely even uses FunnelEnvy to Optimize their own website!

Meet Our Team of

Seasoned Professionals

Arun Sivashankaran
Arun SivashankaranFounder & CEO
Arun is a long time longtime Internet entrepreneur and advisor to early, growth stage and Fortune 100 companies. As a serial startup enthusiast he’s no novice at the ups and downs of the rollercoaster and loves every minute of it.

When not working on building value for FunnelEnvy customers Arun can be found spending time with his family and obsessing over Cleveland sports.

Ryan Gallagher
Ryan GallagherTechnical Architect
Ryan is the technical architect, overseeing the development of the FunnelEnvy platform. With years of experience as both a developer and CEO, Ryan knows how to scale products with strong go-to-market strategies.
Toby Fee
Toby FeeTechnical Lead
Toby is the technical lead at FunnelEnvy. He is in charge of our testing services, and managing the rest of the team. As a longtime senior developer, Toby rarely finds a coding issue he can’t solve.

Toby enjoys coding robots in his free time, as well as community activism in his home state of Oregon.

Gayla Worrell
Gayla WorrellOptimization Project Manager
Gayla Worrell is our Optimization Project Manager and ensures that we execute on deliverables for our clients. She comes from a supply chain and logistics background managing cross functional projects for large electronics and foodservice manufacturers.

When she’s not obsessing over Trello boards, you can probably find her wandering a local beach, camera in hand.

Steve Sales
Steve SalesSales Operations
Originally hailing from the Semiconductor industry, he was drawn to CRO by the value data-driven decisions FunnelEnvy creates for customers. Driving outbound engagement, Steve has one goal: revenue. When he’s not talking to customers, he’s busy hiking with his family and catching up on the latest eSports news.
Greg Gerla
Greg GerlaMarketing manager
Greg Gerla is the marketing manager for FunnelEnvy, focusing on internal growth of the inbound channels. He comes to FunnelEnvy with experience both marketing for startups and fortune 500 companies. When Greg is not marketing, he can be found exploring San Francisco or outside rock climbing.
Chris Hedick
Chris HedickOptimization Strategist
Chris Hedick is an optimization strategist for FunnelEnvy with almost a decade of experience in testing content, offers and experiences. Chris’ career experience has had him work both in house and agency side and he has helped major airlines, insurance companies, global manufacturers, media companies and smaller companies reach their business goals. He loves photography and history and relaxing in his community garden.
Lily Kambourova
Lily KambourovaConversion Strategist
Lily Kambourova is a conversion strategist for FunnelEnvy. She is working with a portfolio of clients on the analysis of their quantitative and qualitative data in order to identify and solve conversion bottlenecks. Her M.A. in Statistics, as well as previous experience in the banking and research sectors, bring a unique & valuable perspective to the FunnelEnvy team. Away from the office, she’s a mother of 2 wonderful daughters and enjoys teaching Pilates.
Abdullah Mashuk
Abdullah MashukDirector of Testing
Abdullah makes sure all of our client engagements are running smoothly through managing the development team. When not working at FunnelEnvy Abdullah enjoys playing poker.
Theresa Smith
Theresa SmithCustomer Experience Manager
Theresa Smith is a Customer Experience Strategy Manager for FunnelEnvy, focusing on optimizing clients’ digital presence through strategy, analytics and testing. She joined FunnelEnvy in 2017 with a background in both niche and big box eCommerce Analytics programs. When Theresa is not optimizing, she is found traveling with her family or tailgating a Green Bay Packers game.
Daniel Joo
Daniel JooBusiness Development
Daniel Joo is the business development representative for FunnelEnvy, establishing sales leadership in identifying customers who have opportunities to increase revenue through more valuable customers experiences. He comes to FunnelEnvy with experience working in sales from several bay area SaaS startups. When Daniel is not hammering away on call’s, he can be found on the slopes of Lake Tahoe boarding or enjoying a game or two on his PC.

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