FunnelEnvy Data Activation Solutions

This is our growing collection of pay as you go self-service solutions to help you integrate and activate data in real-time to drive more compelling experiences and analytics for your website.

Account Match by FunnelEnvy

Our real-time firmographics API lets you identify and target accounts on your website in real-time based on their IP address. Track and personalize the website experience in real-time based on their company name, employee size, or industry. 

Account Match is easy to set up and can integrate with any tool in your martech stack. The best part is that it is offered as a flexible, budget-friendly, pay as you go self-service solution where you only pay for accounts we match. If you are tired of overpaying with your existing provider, committing to annual licenses, or if you just want to see if Account Match will work for your website, sign up for our trial and install our script today.

FunnelEnvy for Marketo

FunnelEnvy for Marketo allows you to create audiences from your Marketo list and send those audiences in real-time to your website’s martech stack when we identify that user on your site.

Stop serving a static site experience and start aligning your website to your buyer stages, inbound campaigns, and ABM strategies. Personalize website experiences, execute targeted ABM campaigns, target content and offers by buyer stage, and better measure the buyer’s journey on your site.

FunnelEnvy for Marketo is offered as a budget-friendly, pay as you go self-service solution with no contracts, and no commitments. Sign up for our 14-day trial and start personalizing user experiences with your Marketo data.

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