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Pete Boyle helps companies grow their revenue through content marketing and copywriting. As founder of Have-a-Word he also coaches aspiring and beginner freelance writer’s on how to break into the business.

What Fiction Can Teach You About An Effective Customer Journey 

How do we grab attention? Does a simplified list of product/service features compel users? Or does an entertaining recounting of a brand’s mission and the difficulties they (and by extension their customers) have overcome draw in more users? Pretty stupid question right? Escaping the drudgery of corporate speak has quickly become a prominent goal for [...]

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How to Find A/B Test Ideas that Work

What should you test next? Do you start with your CTA placement and button color or would you be better served to optimize your headlines? It’s a difficult decision to make and one that marketing managers often struggle with. Unfortunately, it’s a confusion that frequently leads to one result. Copying the methodology of a well [...]

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