Five Steps to a Profitable, Automated Real Estate Marketing Funnel

There was a time when real estate agents had unrivaled power. You were the gatekeeper. You held all the cards when it came to property information, neighborhood advice, and the all-important property listings. If someone had any questions pertaining to property, be it about purchasing, renting or just understanding more about the industry, it was [...]

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What Fiction Can Teach You About An Effective Customer Journey 

How do we grab attention? Does a simplified list of product/service features compel users? Or does an entertaining recounting of a brand’s mission and the difficulties they (and by extension their customers) have overcome draw in more users? Pretty stupid question right? Escaping the drudgery of corporate speak has quickly become a prominent goal for [...]

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The Psychology of Persuasion: 5 Key Things Marketers Forget

You want to make your best case why people should buy your products or services … You also don’t want to come off like an overly aggressive lawyer or door-to-door salesperson. Striking the perfect balance between compelling and not too pushy will shoot your conversions through the roof. But finding that persuasion “sweet spot” can [...]

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7 Devastating Customer Retention Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Over time, some customer attrition is inevitable. Even if you deliver a stellar customer experience at a remarkable value, sometimes people’s needs and tastes change. With that said, accepting a high customer attrition rate makes it much harder to grow year after year and stay ahead of your competitors. Some businesses get so focused on [...]

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5 Drip Campaign Strategies You Can Try Today

Incorporating a drip campaign into your email marketing can help you nurture leads and deliver a better customer experience – all from the convenience of an automated platform. Setting up a campaign for the first time takes a bit of effort, but it’s pretty straightforward. Ultimately, learning how to do this is just the first [...]

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